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Shark Tank’s founders to host entrepreneurs in 2016

With a $200m (£125m) investment from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, Shark Tank is set to host more than 70 entrepreneurs from across the globe to help them start their own businesses.

This year, the show’s founders will be taking the stage in the US, Europe and Asia to give advice on how to start a new business.

Shark Tank co-founder, entrepreneur, and former tech entrepreneur Sam Altman will be the guest of honour.

Altman was the first person to win a top prize in the company’s first year, when he was the winner of the $1.2m (£904,000) Startup Challenge.

He also founded the website CoderCrunch.

Now he’s returning to the UK to help others succeed in the same industry.

Altmattons website is called Shark Tank UK and will host a series of talks with the founders.

The talks will focus on the basics of running a business, how to get started and how to develop your skills.

“What we’re going to be looking at this year is the whole business of entrepreneurship, and how do you build that business?

What are the fundamentals, how do the fundamentals work, how can you use the fundamentals to build a business?”

Altman told The Independent.

“We’ve got a lot of great people here who have been here for years, and who are building amazing businesses and it’s important to have those kinds of people around to help guide us through it.”

The hosts are: Sam Altmann, founder and CEO of the online video-sharing website Cinestra and founder and president of the Silicon Valley Venture Group, a venture capital fund