What to know about the #GirlStartup industry, and who is running it

Founder of GirlStartup, a startup incubator, Amit Raizada is launching her own digital startup called “Girl Genius.”

The company has raised $10 million from investors including the likes of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Andreessen Horowitz, and Sequoia Capital.

In her new startup, Raizadas mission is to create a platform for girls to launch startups and to share their success stories.

Raizades main goal is to help women get out of the home and start businesses.

She says that women often feel like they have to choose between getting a job or starting a family, which she believes is an unfair standard.

In an interview with Recode, Raizzada explains why she thinks there is an opportunity for girls in the digital space, particularly the emerging girl entrepreneurs and women-run startups. 

[The] reality is that the vast majority of the girls who are working in this space are doing so because they want to, and they need the money, and it’s not just because they have money.

It’s because they are young, it’s because their parents are, and that is what has led to a very skewed view of the world.

So, the answer is, yes, the problem is not that girls are being excluded.

It is that girls in this field are being left out of that space.

Raozadas team is working with a team of girls who have been working for years to bring these girls the tools to make their dream of launching a startup a reality.

Rauzadas team has been working with these girls to get them to create and run their own companies.

For example, in this past month alone, Raozada has hired six women from the field of digital marketing, and the team has also hired women from computer science, social media, marketing, advertising, and engineering.

Razada says that in addition to helping these girls create and grow their companies, the startup will help them build a business and build their network.

It will help these girls find and connect with mentors and help them connect with potential customers.

In addition to providing funding for the startups, Rauzada says she also wants to help these young women realize their full potential.

She believes the next generation of entrepreneurs will be even more talented than their parents.

Razzadas team of 10 girls and her team of 40 people is working to bring girls and women together to create businesses.

“We want to create these networks so they can really connect with investors and get funded, and then they can start their own businesses, because that is how they are going to create jobs,” she says.

“I want them to be able to be entrepreneurs, and not just get rich, but get educated, and become business owners, and so on.

We want them [to] start their businesses and be successful, and be proud of it, and build businesses and become successful, which is what will make the world a better place.”

In order to do this, Razzada says it’s crucial that these young entrepreneurs can build their businesses on the internet.

Raising money on the Internet is a very important part of the equation for many young women, especially those who are entering the tech space.

“We are going through a time where there are so many girls that are entering this space, that are not making it in tech, and we are very worried about them, and about the future of the industry,” she explains.

“And so, we need to have an opportunity to get into the technology sector and do it on the ground.”