Former CEO of Dyson, Elon Musk, on his journey to the top

Elon Musk and his business partner Richard Branson are among a growing number of young entrepreneurs who have emerged in the last few years as leaders of new and innovative businesses.

The three-time entrepreneur who founded the space travel company Hyperloop One, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic has become a darling of Silicon Valley for his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to inspire others.

Musk, who was born in California and raised in New Jersey, is the son of entrepreneur John Branson and his wife, the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

Born in 1967 in California, Musk was the first person to become a billionaire.

His father, Richard, was an aerospace engineer who became a billionaire after selling his company to General Electric in 1983.

He started his own airline, Virgin Atlantic, in 1978.

A second father, Henry, who owned the Los Angeles Dodgers, died in 2011.

While his family had financial troubles, Musk and Branson had a “bromance” and decided to build a business together.

“I just knew that if I built something, I’d be able to do it,” Musk said in a 2013 interview with The Washington Post.

Their company, Hyperloop Technologies, has been awarded a $US4 billion contract to build an ultra-high-speed transport system, which would carry passengers at speeds up to 760 kilometres per hour (500 mph) and would be capable of carrying passengers and cargo.

Hyperloop is still in the conceptual stage and the project is still a ways off.

Branson and Musk have not yet launched a company but have started a company, SpaceX, and have raised more than $US20 billion ($32 billion) in venture capital.

They are also looking to launch a company that will make high-speed rail from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

But Musk and Musk are also making their mark in the world of high-tech and are now making an impact in other areas, including the arts.

For example, he founded the Hyperloop arts collective, which aims to create a hub for the arts in the US.

In 2015, Musk launched a group called Hyperloop Arts, which seeks to provide opportunities for young artists to explore the technology.

And Musk and a group of friends created Hyperloop Space, which is trying to create an art installation that will use the technology to transport people to Mars.

That project, HyperLoop Space 2, is being developed by the University of Southern California’s Space Science Institute.

SpaceX is also making a splash in the technology world by being the first private company to successfully send a capsule to the International Space Station.

After taking the capsule into space in 2014, Musk made an announcement that was later retracted.

Instead, Musk said the capsule was a test flight, and SpaceX has since been working to develop a capsule that can be used in future missions.

It’s still early days for Musk and the space venture, but Musk has a reputation for being able to deliver bold plans and innovation.

One of his biggest innovations was the Hyperdub, an online streaming music service that is now available for download.

Many musicians were attracted to Hyperdubs because it gave them access to artists they had never heard of before.

With a growing online music market, Hyperdubes is now able to attract a wider audience.

Another innovation that Musk is now working on is the Hypergolf, a new golf course that will be built in the United States.

As well as being a high-end golf course, Hypergoss is also a place to play with your friends.

If you are looking for a place with a lot of people, it’s the place to be,” Musk told The New York Times.

This is a brand new technology that has a long way to go to become widely available to the public, Musk told the Times.”

It’s not easy to launch something that’s been around for so long.

But the good news is that Hyperloop is going to do the hard work to become an industry standard,” he said.

There is one more company in the race.

ZooBabies has also been quietly working on a way to use the internet to make baby dolls that look like real people.

When the company launched in 2014 it was still in its early stages and still needed to secure funding to get off the ground.

At the time, Musk believed the company would take years to grow to profitability and would need to raise a billion dollars to do so.

However, he has now changed his mind.

So far, Zoobabies has raised $US1 billion ($1.6 billion) from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Benchmark Capital.

CEO Paul Merton has said that the company’s success depends on getting the public to take the initiative to buy a doll. Dolls are