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Which teams have won the most caps in the NRL?

A year ago, the NRL announced a new era for the competition with the opening of the NRL grand final, a contest between the Sydney Roosters and Parramatta Eels.

But it wasn’t the only NRL event at the time.

On the NRL’s grand final weekend, the Grand Final and NRL Grand Final will be played at ANZ Stadium.

The grand final and grand final will also be held at ANU Stadium, which is the home of the ANZAC Day event.

It’s a great event to take place in Canberra.

It brings together thousands of rugby league fans, with people from all over the world coming together to enjoy the great games.

There are some amazing moments in the grand final.

Here are five of the best: 1.

The Rooster and Eels won it all The Roostedancers and the Eels took the NRL by storm in 2016.

The club’s debut season in the competition was their first to win the premiership, and their inaugural grand final victory was their last.

In a season full of drama, the Roosterers took the premiership, and were crowned champions on Sunday night.

They are currently ranked second on the NRL ladder, behind only the Cronulla Sharks.

But they still have plenty to prove.

They’re only just starting to pick up the pieces after a season in which they lost their best players, including superstar skipper Chris McQueen. 


The Titans The last time the Titans won a premiership they were playing in the NAB AFL Grand Final.

It was a special occasion for both sides, but the game was marred by a late storm that sent the whole ground into a blackout.

It also saw some of the game’s best players miss the game because of severe weather.

The Titans were knocked out in the Grand final. 


The Sharks were beaten in the finals of the AFL and NRL in 2017 The Sharks finished the season with the best record in the game, but they were not able to repeat that performance in the first grand final at ANA Stadium.

The Sharks were knocked off in the second grand final of the year, with the Titans losing their first game of the season against the Warriors.

The Raiders, on the other hand, won their first premiership in 2016, but lost to the Knights in the final.

The two sides are also set to meet again in the premos in 2019.


The Dragons were knocked down to the bottom of the ladder after their first Grand Final loss in 2017 The Dragons were one of the more exciting teams in the league last season.

After a season of ups and downs, the Dragons were in the top eight of the table for the first time since the end of the 2015 season.

They were ranked ninth at the end for the season, but a poor run of form in the late rounds saw them slip down to ninth. 

They’ll have to wait until 2019 to play the first of their Grand Final clashes with the Warriors and the Bulldogs to see if they can recapture their form.


Tom Hawkins was named the NRL Players of the Year in 2019 It was a season filled with ups and down for Hawkins.

He won his first premium in the season opener against the Sharks, and then missed out on the grand finals.

In the Grand Finals, he led the Roos to a historic win, but then his form slipped, as he was replaced by Jordan Kahu.

Hawkins will have to be patient as he waits for his return from a knee reconstruction, but it was a great season for the young forward.

He was a standout for the Roas in the opening round of the 2019 season, and has been playing well ever since.