The ‘Luis Garc’ of VCs: A Career in the Fast-Food Industry

“Luis is a guy who knows a lot about the world of VC investing, and I’m sure he would appreciate a few pointers on how to approach a successful venture.”

– Mike Morrell, CEO of the company that’s currently raising money for the company, The New Yorker.

The CEO is also the founder of The New York Times.

“Luis has been an entrepreneur for a long time.

And as a founder, he’s been a lot of the things that I’ve wanted to do, like run a business, run a network, and help people around the world.”

– James Packer, co-founder of PayPal, to Bloomberg Businessweek.

“He is a really smart guy, and he has a really deep understanding of the industry.

And he is really open to listening to all different perspectives, and to hearing any suggestions and suggestions from other people.”

– Michael Dell, CEO, Dell Computer, to Forbes.

“His passion for the business and the success of the business is something that we can all share.”

– Justin Sullivan, VP of product at Google, to The Atlantic.

“Luise has a lot going for him.

He has a proven track record of success, a deep understanding, and the right people to take the lead in helping him scale his business.

He’s already proven to be one of the smartest and most well-rounded executives in Silicon Valley.

He’ll be a great addition to the Google family.”

– Steve Jobs, cofounder and CEO, Apple Computer, on The Wall Street Journal.

“When you’re a successful business person, you’re very good at figuring out what’s most important and what’s not, and you have a very good idea of how to go about it.

I think it’s safe to say that he has those skills.

He will be a really good addition to Google.”

– Marc Benioff, cofounders of Salesforce, on CNBC.

“The only thing I can say about Luis is he’s a very smart guy.”

– Bill Gates, founder and CEO of Microsoft, to Fortune.

“There’s a great relationship between him and I. I’ve always been a fan of his.”

– Tom Cruise, to Vanity Fair.

“You’re probably going to have a lot more fun with Luis than you might have in most of your other colleagues.

And there are going to be times when he’ll be like, ‘I’m not really that interested in running a business right now.

I’m interested in how you’re going to run it.

But, you know, I can’t really talk to you because I don’t really know you.

And that’s OK.'”

– Ellen Pao, interim CEO of Reddit, to TechCrunch.

“We’ve got a very well-respected, accomplished, respected executive and we’re happy to be able to help him.

His knowledge of venture capital and his business savvy is really helpful.”

– John Doerr, cochairman and CEO at Facebook, to the Huffington Post.

“Luxury products have changed the way we think about everything.

That’s why I’m so excited to be joining the board.

He is the right person for the job.”

– Sam Altman, founder of Reddit and Redditors, to Business Insider.

“I’m thrilled to be working with him.

We’ve worked together at a lot smaller companies over the years and I really like what he brings to the table.

He knows what he’s talking about and he’s not afraid to share it.”

– Chris Dixon, coauthor of “The Power of Habit” with Steve Blank, to Fast Company.

“One of the most exciting things about this opportunity is that Luis is an incredible communicator.

We can learn from each other.

He shares his knowledge and experience with us, so we can grow together.

I can tell you from experience that Luis will be an incredibly successful leader.”

– Andy Rubin, coowner and cofounder of Rubin Industries, to Recode.

“My name is Chris Dixon and I am here to work with Luis Garc.

He was an investor in our company and he is a terrific guy.

We are looking forward to collaborating and building upon what we’ve built together over the past two years.”

– Alex Marlow, president and CEO and cochair of the board of The Washington Post, to USA Today.

“This is the most talented team of executives we’ve ever had.

He comes from an industry that has been slow to embrace innovation and he understands how to build a company around the ideas of a new generation of founders.

He also brings a passion for his field of expertise.

I am so excited about this.”

– Jaron Lanier, coCEO of Pinterest, to Mashable.

“If you’re looking for a person to lead your company, Luis Garce has the perfect combination of experience, drive and enthusiasm.”

– Matt Britt