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The 10 Most Influential People in China

By Steve StraehleyDecember 17, 2017At a gathering of the world’s most influential people in Beijing, a panel of entrepreneurs discussed what they see as the biggest challenges facing China’s economy.

In an online survey, nearly 70 percent of those who answered a question about what they’re doing to create change in China reported having a Chinese entrepreneur in their life.

The respondents said the Chinese government has not done enough to support entrepreneurs and to encourage them to invest in the country.

Among the most influential individuals on the panel were Chinese President Xi Jinping, the founder of Tencent, a mobile messaging app that recently became the first in the world to accept Bitcoin.

The panel also included U.S. billionaire George Soros, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma, Alibaba chairman Jack Ma and former Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The Shanghai-based Chinese media outlet People’s Daily reported that the panel was also moderated by the head of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Wang Yang.

Xi is the first leader to address the gathering, and the panel’s leaders are expected to discuss key economic issues and the country’s future in the coming months.