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Famous female entrepreneurs in Australia

A list of the most successful female entrepreneurs across Australia and New Zealand, from social media to venture capital.

The list includes prominent female entrepreneurs like Gail Smith, Jennie Lee, Sarah Farr and Jennie-Ann Lutz.

In addition, the list also includes a few names you may have heard of, like Samantha J. Millington, the first woman to be appointed to the CEO of Facebook.

The Australian Business of Women in Technology (ABWI), an organisation representing the country’s female entrepreneurs, also released a list of their top 30 female founders.

The list includes names such as Jennifer Stolper, Sarah Goulston, Emma Gillingham, Amanda B. Young, Jessica C. Young and Anna P. Young.

As well as highlighting the importance of women in technology, the group also released the results of their Women in Business survey, which asked respondents to list the most important reasons they gave for their business.

The results are listed below.


Productivity 2.

Passion 3.

Business Model 4.

Leadership 5.

Mentorship 6.

Entrepreneurship 7.

Branding 8.

Social Media 9.

Marketing 10.

Marketing 101The full list of top female entrepreneurs is below.

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