Young Black Entrepreneurs Speak Out Against Black Lives Matter and Anti-Police ‘Riot Act’

A young black entrepreneur is warning the public that the Black Lives Matters movement is “going to do the exact same thing” to him, but he will not be deterred.

The 18-year-old entrepreneur, known only as K, said in an interview with RTÉ’s Sunday Politics that he was being targeted by Black Lives Movement and the Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) groups.

“They are not stopping me from doing what I am doing and that is working with my students, and that’s the truth.

They are trying to take away my life and my livelihood,” K said.

He said he is “not afraid” and that his job as a teenager “never ended”.

“When I was a young person, I didn’t know what it was like to have to sit on a bench or in a jail cell.

That is the worst part.

The worst part of the Black community is the way that Black youth are treated,” he said.”

It is the same thing with the police.

The Black community has been subjected to racism.

When I go out with the kids and go out to the street, I’m not afraid of the police, I don’t care.

They will kill me.

It’s that simple.”

The young entrepreneur said he was not concerned that the movement was targeting him because he is not a violent person and because he doesn’t belong to a specific racial group.

“I don’t believe in that.

I am a person.

I have nothing to hide,” he added.”

We are living in a post-racial society and it is going to do exactly the same things to me.””

Black Lives Matter is coming after me and my life.

I know this because I am in jail.

I do not want that to happen to me, to my family or to my friends,” K told RTÉ.”

The people that are doing this to me are not going to stop me.

I’m going to keep doing what you are doing.

It is my life, my livelihood, and it’s my job.

They have no idea what they are doing to me,” he continued.

K said he has been approached by people offering to pay for his arrest and to have him released on bail.

“But I will not give up.

I will continue to work hard, I will go to school and get a degree, to put my name on the register and be a successful entrepreneur,” he told RTE.

K is not the only young entrepreneur who has been targeted by the Black Nationalist Movement.

In August, the group, which was founded by white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, released a video claiming that Black Lives Lives Matter activists were trying to recruit young black men to become the first police officers in the United States.