When you say entrepreneur, what does it mean?

Tech entrepreneur Mitzi Foti’s website is one of the more active and popular of those in the tech startup space.

She’s also a former Facebook employee, who has made a career out of launching businesses that have failed.

She says that a recent interview she did with Yahoo Finance shows she’s actually not the first woman to have been a successful businessperson.

In fact, she’s the first.

“There was an article in the WSJ on that, and I’m actually not one of them,” she says.

It’s really inspiring.” “

It says, ‘You can make a living out of your own work.’

It’s really inspiring.”

In addition to that, she also did an interview with Yahoo.

Foti also says she’s been an entrepreneur since she was 16.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneurial person,” she said.

“If I could do it all over again, I would probably be a businessperson.”

She says she was born into a wealthy family, and that she grew up in a house that was always filled with lots of clothes.

She got her start as a student, working as a salesperson at Macy’s, then as a junior at the University of Chicago, and eventually went to work at an investment firm, which eventually led to a job as a VP of sales.

“That was my whole life, really,” she explains.

Foto: Mitzis website shows she was raised in a wealthy Chicago neighborhood.

She also has a sister named Kim.

Source NBC News article Mitzy Foti, the woman behind Yodel, a startup, says that while her family was not rich, she did inherit her mother’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“My mom always told me to just take it to the next level,” she tells NBC News.

“We didn’t really have much money, and my mom was like, ‘I’ll get you a job. “

You have to learn how to work. “

We didn’t really have much money, and my mom was like, ‘I’ll get you a job.

You have to learn how to work.

You’re going to work here.’

And I was like ‘That’s ridiculous, I’m not going to do that,'” she says, referring to her high school experience.

“At 17, I started working at a shoe store, and at 18 I got an internship at a jewelry store.”

She worked there for three years before landing a job at a company called Yodels, which was based in Chicago.

Fotos website shows her parents were wealthy, and she says her mother started an online store called Zara in 2000.

“Her dad was a really big car dealer,” she remembers.

“He had a really great collection.

He had a lot of cars.

And then my mom’s business went down, and then I started at Zara, and now I’m a full-time employee.” “

So I started to work there.

And then my mom’s business went down, and then I started at Zara, and now I’m a full-time employee.”

When she says she had “no money, no job,” she’s referring to the fact that she was living in a poor neighborhood.

“When I was growing up, I wasn’t a rich kid,” she told NBC News, adding that she thinks she was able to save money by working at Zaras website instead of going into business herself.

Fotis business is Yodeln, which she launched last year, and is now growing at an impressive pace.

The site is now in more than 30 countries.

Fots website is filled with pictures of the products she sells, and even features her on the site’s social media channels.

She even makes money selling jewelry and clothing to her followers.

“People love it, and they love what I do.

People want to do it.

It’s like a game.

And I think that’s cool.”

When asked about her current work, Foti said, “I’m trying to make a change.”

She told NBC she hopes her business will help people overcome barriers that they face when trying to break into the business world.

“You know, you’re going into a business, and the people you are working with don’t know you,” she explained.

“They don’t even know who you are.

They don’t understand your background, they don’t think you’re the right person.

And it’s so easy to make the wrong choice.

In a way it’s empowering, it’s something I’m really passionate about, because it’s like, you don, you have to make choices, and those choices are going to make you a better person, and your life will be better.”