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What is ‘happening’ in DALLAS? | Dallas Morning News

DALLA, Texas (AP) A new law to protect children from online predators will be part of President Donald Trump’s budget for the fiscal year beginning Jan. 3.

The legislation, called the Child Online Protection Act, would create a program that would let parents keep children away from predators.

It would also help businesses by making it easier for them to police for threats of child sexual exploitation, as well as make it easier to keep kids safe online.

The law was introduced by Republican state Sen. Jeff Yarbro, who is chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee.

The measure is the latest in a series of initiatives by Republicans and Democrats in the Texas Legislature that have been a response to the emergence of cyberbullying and harassment on social media, including a recent law that will allow parents to report cyberbullies to law enforcement.

The bill would also require social media companies to keep users’ photos and videos private.

States that are part of the Cyber Security Alliance are trying to encourage states to develop their own cybersecurity strategies to better protect children.

The alliance is a bipartisan effort led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which works to encourage the creation of national cybersecurity standards that would require companies to develop a system for identifying cyber threats and to develop and promote a cyber safety plan for employees and customers.

The Cyber Security Act was introduced to the Texas House of Representatives by Rep. John Lott, a Republican from Houston.

It was referred to the House Judiciary Committee by Rep of Homeland Security Rep. Jeff Faux, R-Dallas.

Faux and Lott are expected to bring the bill to the full House floor by Friday.

The bill would create an independent agency to coordinate federal and state efforts to combat cyberbullish activity and to share cyber threat information, including cyber threats.

The Cyber Security Advisory Board would provide recommendations on how to best address cyberbullishing.

The White House has not yet released the President’s Cybersecurity Budget, which is not expected to be released until later this week.