How to get an Australian entrepreneur visa

Founder-owned company Amit Raizada has just launched an online store, and is already getting in touch with potential clients.

The businesswoman is looking to make an impact on the lives of the local and international community.

“I wanted to be a part of the conversation around entrepreneurship and the way people are using technology to make a positive impact,” Ms Raizadas Facebook page says.

“There are many things that could be done in Australia that are not possible elsewhere.”

Ms Raizadas website,, has been launched to coincide with the launch of her online store.

“My goal is to provide people in Australia the ability to find out how they can get a start-up visa for their first project, whether it’s through the online visa system or an online recruitment process,” she said.

“As a result of this I am hoping to help thousands of people achieve their dream.”

She said she was working to make the online business visa process accessible to Australians from across the world, and hoped the online process would allow Australians to “find their next step”.

“We are all connected and I wanted to give my fellow Australians the ability for them to be more empowered, and be a more powerful part of a global community,” she added.

“If I can do it for you, then I can be a bigger part of that.”

The online business applicant’s first step is to complete an online online application, which takes about two hours to complete.

The application then goes through a quick review and approval process before the applicant is granted a business visa.

Ms Raisadas business website has received nearly 10,000 online comments since launching in February.

“It’s taken me quite a while to get this far, and the comments have been really positive,” Ms Raisadas said.”[The feedback] has helped me with the process of getting my first business license.”

They are really positive and very supportive of what I’m trying to do.

“She also said she hoped the process would give Australians a way to show off their entrepreneurial spirit.”

The business people here in Australia love their passion and what they’re trying to accomplish,” she explained.”

When people come to the site, they come to see what their passions are, and what their goals are.

“The business woman also hopes the online application process would inspire other entrepreneurs to set up shop in Australia.”

We’ve seen the success of the online marketplace here in the US and the success it’s had in bringing entrepreneurs from around the world to Australia,” she revealed.”

So we hope that the same process will work here and that more Australians will be able to access the opportunities that are available.