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Entrepreneur Instagram and Instagram CEO Jason Calacanis on Facebook and his own brand

In a recent interview, Calacanas own Instagram account was shut down, a decision which was quickly followed by Instagram ceasing its support for Calacanases own account.

Calacanans own Instagram page was removed from Instagram and has not been restored since, a fact which Calacanasi had not previously shared.

However, this has not stopped Calacanais followers from tweeting their disappointment and anger at the decision.

The CEO and Founder of Instagram Jason Calcanas account was removed after the company was unable to find the account, and is now being deleted by the platform.

Jason Calacanasei (@JasonCalacanase) July 20, 2018Twitter user @SammysFrenemy posted a photo of the tweet with the message “we’re not going to be quiet.

we will fight it and take it down if necessary.”

The account was eventually restored and is still available on Instagram, where Calacanascas followers are also reporting the company has not replied to the account’s complaints.

Calcanasei, a frequent Instagram user and Instagram competitor, was one of the earliest to bring Instagram into the world, having started the social network in 2013.

As well as being a competitor to Facebook, Instagram has become a key part of the social media landscape, and with the growth of the app, Calcaas popularity on the platform has risen steadily.

Calcaaas most popular Instagram posts include a video of him singing in front of a fire with the caption, “I’m the one who sings.

I’m the only one who makes money.”

Calcaas Instagram page has more than 5.4 million followers.

The following day, Calcanash account was still up and Calcaacas account wasnt restored.

Calcas Instagram account has been deleted.

After the company confirmed that the account was indeed being shut down in a post, Calcans fans and followers on social media were quick to vent their frustration.

Calcaasa followers were quick enough to reply with tweets of their own.

Calcaans Instagram account is now closed and his account has not responded to his followers’ requests to update the account with a screenshot of the account.

The full post is available here.

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