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Which companies are making a huge investment in the new generation of faith-driven startups?

Business Insider/Associated Press 4/9/2018 9:53:25 “It’s really important for the next generation to embrace what we’re doing because I believe in the power of this technology,” said Adam Smith, a founding partner at Faith Engage Technologies, a faith-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to help people find new answers to their questions.

The startup is focused on helping people discover more about their beliefs and how they can best make sense of the world.

Smith said the technology is also being used in the healthcare sector to help individuals make better decisions and to create relationships with faith-related companies.

“The next generation of businesses are going to see this as a way to build partnerships with faith based organizations and with faith communities,” Smith said.

“They can build relationships where they have this AI platform, and they can make decisions together about what they want to buy or what they’re looking for.”

The faith-focused startups are working with more than 200 faith-inspired organizations around the world to help them build their businesses and become more transparent and inclusive.

Smith says the companies are also working to create more ways for people to connect with their faith communities and to share more personal stories.

“We’re working on creating a lot of content that people can share with each other, and it’s just about making that sharing a little bit more personal and personal in the way that it’s being created,” he said.

For example, Smith said a recent partnership with the Christian Brothers Church in California will help people in the church to share their stories about how they came to believe.

Smith is also a founder of The Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The faith group is working to open its online platform,, to allow members of the faith community to connect directly with each others and with their local leaders.

The website is currently available only to members of faith communities.

“It gives the church the opportunity to connect and really connect to people in a way that they might not be able to if they weren’t part of the church,” Smith added.

“There’s a lot more to connecting than just going to a church.”

Some faith-centered startups have even taken the concept of the new technology to new levels, such as The Christian Church, which is developing its own AI technology to help faith leaders better communicate with their congregations.

The technology could also be used in other industries, such with social media and the Internet of Things.

“I think technology is going to have a big impact on how people think about religion in the next century,” Smith noted.

“Technology is going, at least in the short term, to have an impact on religion, but in the long term, I believe it’s going to really change how we think about the relationship between faith and society.”

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