What you need to know about the founder of India’s best-selling smart home network and its founder william, who’s looking for investors

A smart home startup founder and entrepreneur has said that he will seek to raise more than $100 million through his new startup, Aeon, to build an open, interoperable smart home platform that would make it easier for users to control their home from anywhere in the world.

The startup will be known as a cloud-connected, mesh-connected smart home, and its CEO will be William Williams, who grew up in Mumbai.

He founded Aeon with a friend, who he described as a “really, really smart kid.”

Williams said Aeon will be based on blockchain technology, and will be a cloud platform, similar to Amazon Web Services, which is a popular open-source cloud platform that was used for Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) service for its Elastic Load Controller service.

Williams said the company will be using Aeon’s platform to store data and services, as well as to help users make smart decisions about their smart home devices, as users of the platform are already using the Aeon platform.

“I’m looking to raise money in the $100,000 range to build Aeon in India and bring the platform to the United States,” Williams told Fox News.

Williams is currently working with former Microsoft executive Tom Szczerbowski, a partner at Blackstone Global Investors, to launch a new smart home company called Smart Home India, based on Aeon.

Williams described the new startup as a collaborative project.

“We have a really, really talented team of founders, investors, and advisors working together to bring this idea to life.

I believe this will be an interesting new start-up with the potential to create a lot of buzz and generate a lot more investment,” Williams said.

Williams has previously said that Aeon is working on a number of projects in India.

In October, he revealed that Aion was working on building an open-sourced smart home solution in India called Aeon Smart Home.

In February, Williams said Aion will build a system that will allow users to connect smart devices to each other without having to install a third-party software or install software on the devices themselves.

Williams, who is also co-founder of Indian tech start-ups, is not the only one who has talked about his plans to build a home platform.

On Wednesday, the CEO of a new platform called SmartHome, a smart home provider, also raised $1 million in funding, a new milestone for the company, which had been in the early stages of development.

The company was founded by former Google employee Vinay Srivastava, who recently joined the team of Amazon’s Elastic Load Control (ELC) service.

Amazon and other tech giants are hoping to bring more services and devices into their homes, especially in emerging markets, where they are facing pressure to provide more services in an effort to compete with the likes of Google and Google Home.

In the US, for example, many tech giants like Google and Amazon have started offering their own smart home solutions.

Williams and the other founders behind Aeon also said that the company was working with Amazon on creating an open platform for smart home control.

Williams says that Aetons cloud-based platform is “open and interoperable, allowing you to connect your home to the cloud and control your home from any location in the country,” and that users will be able to easily switch between different platforms.