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‘Mom’ mom entrepreneurs are making money with memes


— Mom, mom and apple cider are back with the #MomTechMeal on Monday.

And while there’s been a flurry of new mom startups and mom products, there’s one mom who’s not doing so well.

A new mom’s not even the first to make it big on the tech scene.

“The motherhood revolution is really taking off,” says Krista Miller, co-founder and CEO of the Motherhood Innovation Network, a non-profit organization focused on empowering women through STEM education.

That’s the point of the startup, Miller tells ABC News.

Miller started Motherhood Innovations in 2013 and has since grown to 25 companies.

The network offers free online courses in business, technology and entrepreneurship, as well as mentoring programs for women and girls who want to build their own companies.

Miller says she’s noticed a big shift in the way women are talking about tech.

They’re less interested in using acronyms and trying to figure out what tech means, she says.

Instead, they’re looking for ways to help themselves and their families.

Miller has a daughter with a different father, and she’s hoping to create a platform that connects the families.

“There’s not a lot of awareness about how tech is helping these families, and there are a lot more moms that are doing it for themselves,” Miller says.

Miller’s organization works with startups and moms to help them connect and develop their businesses.

The network’s first grant, $200,000, is intended to help start-ups in California with mentoring and technical assistance.

While the motherhood trend seems to be picking up steam, Miller says it’s still a bit of a novelty.

She hopes that Motherhood innovators can do something similar in other states, and help build a momentum that can sustain a mom’s career.