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Enlarge/ The world’s largest startup is about to open its first UK shop.

King Digital has announced it will open its UK retail shop on June 29.

The company said it would “bring the UK to life” with a new shop. 

The UK has the largest startup community in Europe, with the likes of StartUp UK and StartUp London being well represented. 

It is a country where many businesses have struggled to attract a new customer, particularly after the Brexit vote. 

“Our UK team has been very successful and this new shop will bring us closer together, allowing us to bring innovation and value to our customers, and to create a new brand identity in the UK,” the company said in a statement. 

In an article for the Business Insider, former StartUp boss Andrew Cunningham said it was great to see a UK shop, but that the UK is a great market to grow.

“I’m delighted to see this new store opening for business in London, the city that is so passionate about digital business, and I’m also very proud that StartUp is the first UK-based digital company to open a UK retail store,” he said. 

UK startups are very small compared to their counterparts in the US and elsewhere, which has led to some negative headlines and an influx of bad press from the tech world. 

There has also been a spike in the number of UK startups being acquired by US companies, which may be making the UK more appealing to US investors. 

King Digital will have a dedicated team of 25 people and is set to open the shop in the city’s East End in early June. 

We want to help UK entrepreneurs start their next chapter, said the company. 

Business Insider reached out to the UK’s digital business office for more details, but did not receive a response by press time.