How to be an entrepreneur in India: The Black Women Entrepreneurs

A group of black women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and business leaders are launching a new initiative called Black Entrepreneurs.

The organization, which aims to provide the Black female entrepreneurs with financial support and access to the most advanced technology in the field of tech entrepreneurship, will also provide mentorships and resources for Black women entrepreneurs.

“We want to empower Black women and empower our community in entrepreneurship,” said Kianna Robinson, CEO of the Black Entrepreneur Initiative.

Robinson is the founder of the tech-focused startup company Black.com, which focuses on online retail.

“I have had a lot of opportunities for mentorship and help from other women entrepreneurs,” she said.

“We’ve learned a lot, we’ve done some good things, and we want to take that knowledge and apply it to our industry.”

Robinson said she has met with the president of the United States, Secretary of State, CEOs of major tech companies and other top executives to help launch the initiative.

The initiative is funded by the US Department of Commerce, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury Department.

Robinson said she hopes to create a platform for young entrepreneurs and help bring in outside investment.

“These are not just girls or women, these are people of color, people of every color, they’re people with the same interests, aspirations and aspirations,” she told ESPN Cri.

“It is really important that the country recognizes that diversity in the tech industry is really here to stay.

I think that the first step in building a more diverse workforce is to create more opportunities for those that are already here to come in.”